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We devote all our manpower and technology to promote an opportunity for creating a medical environment to meet the demands of our times.
Ever since the foundation of the company in 1951, we have dealt with supplying gas cutting and welding machines as well as steel plant equipment. From 1966 onward we developed and succeeded in commercializing a medical gas supply system which applied high pressure gas control technology in the manufacture of gas-related equipment. We subsequently switched the core of our activities to the medical field and by responding to the requirements of medical organizations, we diversified and created a variety of medical environments in hospitals, material distribution management and food services, and have come to enjoy a solid reputation both at home and abroad. In present day society, the medical environment is undergoing a substantial change related to an aging society, advancements in medicine and diversification and upgrading of medical needs. In order to create a medical environment which can meet the demands of our time, we exert every effort to further improve the technical skills which we have fostered to the present and to bring forth a safer, functional and more comfortable medical environment. Moreover, we endeavour to establish a system for realizing efficient hospital management and to expand our business area to the field of total environment design such as the realization of medical facilities in which patients can feel comfortable. We are determined to devote all our energy to meet our customers' expectations and make a continued effort as a corporation.

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